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  • Proximate Determinants of Fertility in Eastern Africa: The case of Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania
    Authors: Dawit Getnet Ayele ; Sileshi Fanta Melesse
    Pages: 29-42
  • Interaction of Components in Molecular Optoelectronics for the Next Generation of IT Devices
    Authors: Heinz Langhals
    Pages: 17-28
  • Amelioration of Gentamicin Induced Dyslipidemia in Guinea Pigs by Curcumin and Rosemary
    Authors: Munira Ammar Algridi ; Azab Elsayed Azab
    Pages: 6-16
  • Effect of Varying Rate of Leaf Defoliation on Maize Growth, Development and Yield Components and Yield
    Authors: Oyewole Charles Iledun ; Oluotanmi Oladele Rufus
    Pages: 1-5
  • Concentration, Analysis and Characterization of Smectite Selected From Volcanic Sediments of Eastern Uganda
    Authors: Mukasa-Tebandeke Wasajja-Navoyojo I. Z. ; Ssebuwufu P. J. M. ; Schumann A. ; Ntale M. ; Lugolobi F.
    Pages: 117-131
  • Reservoir Characterization from Abnormal Pressure in Parts of Eleme, Southeastern Nigeria, Using Well Log Data
    Authors: Igboekwe. M. U. ; Udoinyang, I. E. ; Ohaegbuchu, H. E.
    Pages: 109-116
  • Study on Cyclone Shelters at Cox Bazar Using R/S Technology and GPS System
    Authors: Suraiya Begum ; Md. Shah Alam ; Md. Hashem Uddin ; Abu  Muhammad ; Md. Sahab Ali ; Sumongol Chakma ; Shammi Shawal
    Pages: 105-108
  • Study of the Electric Properties of Azo/Hydrazone Tautomeric Mixture of the 4-(9-Anthrylazo)-1-naphthol
    Authors: Ramadan Ali Bawa ; Ebtisam Mohammed Alzaraide
    Pages: 100-104
  • The Study of the Wiener Processes Base on Haar Wavelet
    Authors: Xuewen Xia
    Pages: 90-99
  • Ethanol by Volume Produced From Waste Pod of Fluted Pumpkin (Telfairia Occidentalis) Using African Giant Snail (Archachatina Marginata) Slime and Yeast
    Authors: Akwukwaegbu, P. I. ; Peters, D. E. ; Wegwu, M. O.
    Pages: 84-89
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    Call For PapersAuthors are invited to submit their manuscript to Scientific Review (SR). SR promotes and publishes high quality genuine research that contributes significantly to the fields of science. This peer reviewed journal is published on monthly basis. All submitted articles should be original and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. SR reviews papers within approximately one month of submission. It aims to provide a forum for high quality research manuscripts relate... Read More

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    Publication Ethics ARPG has certain high standard of publication ethics to ensure the quality of publications and originality of contributions. We follow strict rules and regulations about publication. We consider the only contribution that is unpublished, original and not copied right by other person. The editors, peer reviewers and authors of ARPG are responsible to make sure the high standard of publication ethics.Editors responsibilitiesOur editors are respons... Read More

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    Online + Hard Copy FeeScientific Review journal does not charge submission fee like many other international journals do. The journal charges only online publication fee and hard copy. This fee is customized and affordable according to the author’s country income and his budget. The journal charges online publication and hard copy fee separately. It means if author wishes to have the hard copy then he pays hard copy fee otherwise he pays only online publication fee for the publication of his a... Read More