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  • Academic Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences

    Online ISSN: 2415-2188
    Print ISSN: 2415-5225

    Frequency: Monthly

    Recent Articles

  • Two-Step Block Hybrid Multistep Method for the Solution of (Equation in Pdf)
    Authors: Abada A. A. ; Aboiyar T. ; Awari Y. S.
    Pages: 40-45
  • On The Stability of Third Order Linear Autonomous Neutral Delay Differential Equations
    Authors: Ali Fuat Yeniçerioglu ; Cüneyt Yazici
    Pages: 21-39
  • Oscillation of Second-Order Nonlinear Mixed Neutral Dynamic Equations with Non Positive Neutral Term on Time Scales
    Authors: H. A. Agwa ; Ahmed M. M. Khodier ; Heba M. Arafa
    Pages: 8-20
  • Spatial Distribution of NO2 Concentration in Southeastern Region of Nigeria
    Authors: Emeka Anthony Ugboma ; Felix Noyanim Nwobi
    Pages: 1-7
  • Spectral Properties of Some Operator, Rationally Depending on Parameter
    Authors: Rakhshanda Dzhabarzadeh ; Gunay Salmanova
    Pages: 157-161
  • Mathematical Modeling: Proposal of a General Methodology and Application of This Methodology to Epidemiology
    Authors: Eric Kokomo ; Yves Emvudu
    Pages: 147-156
  • PedroniVague Weak Li - Ideals and Normal Vague Li - Ideals of Lattice Implication Algebras
    Authors: V. Amarendra Babu ; T. Anitha
    Pages: 140-146
  • Interval-Valued Intuitionistic L-Fuzzy Strong B -Filters On B -Algebras
    Authors: D. Ramesh ; B. Satyanarayana
    Pages: 135-139
  • Graphs with Appended End Vertices: Laplacian Spectra, Laplacian Energy, and Laplacian Eigen-Bi-Balance
    Authors: Paul August Winter ; Carol Lynne Jessop
    Pages: 109-134
  • Steady-State Analysis of a Two Dimensional Model for Tumor Angiogenesis in the Absence of Endothelial Cell Proliferation
    Authors: Serdal Pamuk ; Bushra Bajjah
    Pages: 102-108
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