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  • Effect of Seasonal Water Fluctuation of a Water Body on Antioxidant Activity of Selected Plants of Lower Phylum (A Case Study of Nche stream)
    Authors: Duru M. K. C. ; Akubugwo E. I. ; Chinyere G. C. ; Alisa C. O. ; Nwaogwugwu J. C.
    Pages: 90-95
  • Physico-Chemical Properties and Elements Composition of Fixed oil, Seed Extract, of Jatropha curcus L. [Blue Nile State (Aldamazien)]
    Authors: Christina Yacoub Ishak ; Elfatih A. Hassan ; Mohamed Ezeldin ; Mona Alnaeem
    Pages: 84-89
  • Examination of Ionophore Properties of the 4- (6-Methoxy-1, 3-Dimetilizokinol-7-Yloxy) Phthalonitrile Compound for the Determination of Some Monovalent Cations
    Authors: Omer Isildak
    Pages: 80-83
  • Post Flood Analysis of Heavy Metal Level in River Benue along Makurdi Metropolis, Nigeria
    Authors: Ishaq S. Eneji ; Peter O. Onuwa ; Sola O. Oloruntoba
    Pages: 74-79
  • Synthesis of Novel Fibrous Cerium Phosphate-Silver-Polyethylene Nanocomposites for Antibacterial Applications
    Authors: S. K. Shakshooki ; N. Greesh ; R. Alghazeer ; F. Hebail ; A. Elhamadi ; A. Elouzi ; W. Elharari ; A. Shebani
    Pages: 65-73
  • Molar Conductivities, Salinity and Total Dissolved Solids of KBr and KCl in Aqueous Solution
    Authors: Maduelosi N. J. ; Bagshaw  A. P. ; Ekezie C. M.
    Pages: 61-64
  • Effect of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) and Fe(III) Mixed Ligand Complexes on some Bacteria Causing Eyes Infections ( BCEI )
    Authors: R. S.  El-zweay ; M. M. El-ajaily ; O.  A. Salem ; A. A. Maihub
    Pages: 56-60
  • In Vitro Elucidation Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Flavonoids Extracted From Leaves and Flowers of Arbutus Pavarii (Ericaceae)
    Authors: Rabia Alghazeer ; Hussein El-Saltani ; Sana Elghmasi ; Nuri  Awayn ; Khadiga Ben Mussa ; Fahima Massoudi
    Pages: 42-55
  • Aliphatic Nucleophilic Fluorinations by using MnO2 Nanoparticle in Aqueous Media
    Authors: Shivaji S. Kadam ; Suresh U. Shisodia ; Shamim S. Akhtar ; Fakkadrao V. Dandawate
    Pages: 38-41
  • Bioactive Constituents of Pleurotus Squarrosulus (Mont.) Singer and Effect of Its Dietary Incorporation on Body/Organ Weights and Lipid Profile Levels of Rats Placed on High Cholesterol Diet
    Authors: Duru Majesty ; Nwadike Constance ; Jevas Ozougwu ; Eboagwu Ijeoma
    Pages: 28-37
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