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  • Business, Management and Economics Research

    Online ISSN: 2412-1770
    Print ISSN: 2413-855X

    Frequency: Monthly


    Volume 3 Number 10 October 2017

    Identifying Factors of Purchase Intention for Private Label Brands

    Pages: 188-191
    Authors: Andrian Haro
    This research was conducted among consumers of famous retail stores (e.g. Carrefour, Giant, Hypermart, Lotte, etc.) which offering private label brands in Jakarta. This study aimed to analyze the influence of attitude and brand awareness toward private label brands purchase intention. The assumed sample size was 150 respondents by using convenience sampling technique. The multiple regression model was used in this research data. The result shows there was relationship found among all the given variables, which means that all research hypotheses were found to be supported. These findings are expected to provide useful managerial implications for retailers in terms of effective solutions marketing for private label brands.

    Probabilistic Selling Strategy with Customer Return Policy

    Pages: 185-187
    Authors: Sen-Chi Wu ; Shih-Ming Ou
    Probabilistic selling is a marketing strategy that multi-item vendors provide to consumers, presenting discounted options through acceptance of uncertain risks with random selections from sets of multiple distinct items. However, past studies of this strategy assume a no return policy since returned items shift part of the mentioned uncertain risk to the retailer. Because returns are a common business practice and an important coordination tool in supply chains, this research identifies the impacts of a return policy on the efficacy of probabilistic selling models.