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  • Do Small-Scale Farmers Want to Plant Sago Palm? An Empirical Analysis of the Factors Influencing Farmer Participation in Luwu Utara Regency, Indonesia
    Authors: Marlisa Ayu Trisia ; Andi Patiware Metaragakusuma ; Katsuya Osozawa ; Hu Bai
    Pages: 97-109
  • Aggressiveness of Loose Kernel Smut Isolate from Johnson Grass on Sorghum Line BTx643
    Authors: Louis K. Prom ; Clint Magill ; Robert Droleskey
    Pages: 94-96
  • Water-Nutrients Interaction: Exploring the Effects of Water as a Central Role for Availability & Use Efficiency of Nutrients by Shallow Rooted Vegetable Crops - A Review
    Authors: Diriba Shiferaw G.
    Pages: 78-93
  • Green Pepper Growth and Yield Response to the Integration of Mulching Materials and Row Plant Spacing
    Authors: Edgar N. Ocharo ; Nicholas K Korir ; Joseph Gweyi-Onyango
    Pages: 72-77
  • Resistance to Callosobruchus maculatus Developed Via Gamma Radiation in Cowpea
    Authors: Langa Tembo ; Lawrent Pungulani ; Philemon H. Sohati ; Juliet C. Mataa ; Kalaluka Munyinda
    Pages: 65-71
  • Yield Gap as Occurring in Lowland Rice Cropping under Guinea Savanna Ecology: Spatial and Temporal Diagnosis for Fixing Research Priority
    Authors: Konan K. Firmin ; Koné Brahima ; Nangah K. Yves ; N’gazoua K. René ; Traoré M. Joachim ; Zadi Florent ; Yao Guy Fernand ; Kouadio K. Hippolyte ; Yao-kouamé Albaert
    Pages: 51-64
  • Statistical Analysis on Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers for the Yield of Sorghum
    Authors: Lasisi K. E. ; Abdulazeez K. A.
    Pages: 45-50
  • Physico-Chemical Properties of the Oil Extracted From the Seeds of Beilschmiedia Mannii (Lauraceae)
    Authors: Kouamé  Amenan  Marguerite ; Sahoré Drogba Alexis ; Abouattier Levry Joachim
    Pages: 40-44
  • Effect of Time of Tapping on Raphia Hookeri Palm Wine Production and Sugar Content at Otegbo, Delta State, Nigeria
    Authors: Imogie, A. E. ; Ogeh J. S. ; Ugbah M. M. ; Inikio, S. E. ; Uhribo  F. ; Uche C. O.
    Pages: 36-39
  • Supply Response of Haricot Bean: The Case of Boricha District, Southern Ethiopia
    Authors: Wogayehu Abele ; Tewodros Tefera
    Pages: 29-35
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