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  • Business, Management and Economics Research

    Online ISSN: 2412-1770
    Print ISSN: 2413-855X

    Frequency: Monthly


    Volume 2 Number 2 February 2016

    Quality of Agro-Processed Products in Small Firms: A Case of Mbeya and Morogoro, Tanzania

    Pages: 31-35
    Authors: Visent Kipene
    Agro-processed products in Tanzania are important in income generation and continuation supply of food products throughout the year. Despite the importance of processed products in the country yet is being processed below standard and exported in small percentage. The objective of this study therefore established the quality status and factors affecting approval of processed products. The study was done in Mbeya and Morogoro regions as representatives of other regions in the country. The analysis was done descriptively where percentage, graphs photographs and tables were used. The results showed the approval agro-processed products are affected by unskilled labour, poor quality of packing materials, cost of acquiring TFDA and TBS approval. The paper recommends the increase and improvement of vocational training collages and technical institutions for skilled people to join agro-processing sub-sector.  Improve packing materials; also the government should reduce cost for acquiring TFDA and TBS approval. 

    Influence of Organizational Communication on Public Employees’ Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction

    Pages: 24-30
    Authors: Jean Bosco Nzitunga
    In contemporary organizations, human resources are considered to be the most strategic assets. Given that effective organizational communication has been recognized as a crucial factor in enhancing organizational outcomes, it is undoubtedly the most critical dynamic in keeping employees committed to the organization and satisfied in their work. While several researchers have sought to establish an understanding of how the context of the organization influences communication processes, studies in the field of public administration have provided little knowledge about organizational communication and effects. A thorough review of the existing literature in this field revealed a research gap that brought to mind the following research question: What is the impact of organizational communication on organizational commitment and job satisfaction in the Namibian public organizations? An empirical study of 100 public employees from 25 Namibian Government Ministries was conducted to answer this research question.