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  • Business, Management and Economics Research

    Online ISSN: 2412-1770
    Print ISSN: 2413-855X

    Frequency: Monthly


    Volume 2 Number 6 June 2016

    COP21 and The Decarbonisation of Societies: Can it be Pulled Off in this Century?

    Pages: 114-135
    Authors: Jan-Erik Lane
    Ecology versus economic growth? There is not general solution to this dilemma or trade-off (de Bruyn, 2012; Eriksson, 2013; Managi, 2015). Following the COP21 Agreement objectives and their decentralised implementation over this century, the countries of the world, guided by international governance, must learn how to invest in projects that both foster growth and innovation as well as environmental sustainability and decarbonisation. It will be far more difficult, not to say much uncertain, whether the COP21 approach can work.

    Auto Service Stores Industry in Mexico, Theory of Industry Applied to the Acquisition of Giant Stores

    Pages: 104-113
    Authors: José G. Vargas-Hernández ; Carlos Daniel ; Ávila Zepeda
    Mexican supermarket industry is mainly characterized by a variety of types of consumers, mainly marked by differences in purchasing power. Mexican industry self serves the needs of different consumers through: (i) modern formats such as supermarkets, warehouses, hypermarkets and membership clubs; (ii) traditional formats such as small independent sundries; and (iii) informal, such as farmers’ markets and local street vendors. This paper analyzes retrospectively the acquisition of the Gigante stores by Soriana from the theory of industry, resources and capabilities, reviewing the situation of both companies in the diamond industry by Porter, SWOT analysis themselves that theory.