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    Call For Quality Papers
    Respected authors are invited to submit their quality and original manuscripts for possible publication in the following journals. These journals are published by Academic Research Publishing Group (ARPG)

    International Journal of Economics and Financial Research
    Scientific Review
    Journal of Agriculture and Crops
    Journal of Biotechnology Research
    International Journal of World Policy and Development Studies

    International Journal of Healthcare and Medical Sciences

    Academic Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences
    Academic Journal of Life Sciences
    Academic Journal of Computer and Electronics
    Academic Journal of Chemistry

    All submitted articles should be original and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. 

    All submitted papers will be reviewed within approximately one month after submission.

    After receiving the manuscript an acknowledgement letter with manuscript id will be mailed to the corresponding author within 24 hours by editorial member.

    Our editorial board and well qualified reviewers will review the submitted manuscript. As soon as possible the decisions will be made by editorial board. 
    All accepted articles will be published online immediately after proof reading and formatting process.
    Our aim is to provide rapid publication facility to the authors. All accepted paper will be published in the next issue.

    Best Regards;

    Aneel Khan
    Managing Editor
    Academic Research Publishing Group
    URL: www.arpgweb.com
    Pakistan Office: Rahim Yar Khan, 64200 Punjab, Pakistan
    Germany Office: 47 Kasselbergweg 63619 Bad Orb, Germany
    Email: editor@arpgweb.com ; info@arpgweb.com
    Voice:  +92685870320