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  • Testimonial By Authors

    Dear Colleagues! Below are the testimonial we received from our respected authors after publication of their manuscript. They expressed their experience of publishing with us and appreciated our services.

    Dr. Gwana Adamu Mohammed
    "With much greetings and respects, and with reference to the above captioned subject matter. That on the behave of my colleagues, we’re very grateful to you all at ARPG and thanking you for your concerned and endurance showed us. Really, your publications are great and very clear, finely designed and the APC is affordable, considering a lot of waiving. Very great, keep it on and more grease to your elbows all persons at ARPG, from the bottom to the top staff. Tanking you for all things once again."

    Dr. Madan Bhasin
    "Thanks for extending your kind cooperation. Hope to maintain a long-lasting relationship with more contribution of papers to your journal." 

    Negesa Justine
    "My joy to have the paper finally published is beyond measure. I wish to thank you for according me the platform. It has been a great pleasure working with you. I really appreciate the continuous and timely communication on the progress of the paper. Equally, the thoroughness in reviewing and fine tuning the paper cannot go unnoticed.
    I look forward to working with you again soon."

    Prof. Serdal Pamuk
    "You have been very helpful to me from the beginning to the end.  Publication procedure with your Journal was easy. Your emails were very explanatory . Thanks for everything."

    Prof. Charles Ochola Omondi (Ph.D)
    "I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done, especially the high professional manner your editorial team has work. They did a commendable job. Furthermore, I was impressed with your anti- pledgerism concerns. Please keep this high standards and hope to publish with you again soonest. Thanks and Bye"

    Dr. T. Limbumba
    Dear Sir,
    "This is to acknowledge receipt of the published paper. On behalf of my colleague, we appreciate the timely response in publishing our paper and hope to publish it in print in the near future and to submit more papers in your journal. We were satisfied with services, including the Publication fees."

    Dr. Samah Khaled Zahran
    "I am all gratitude for your publication of my article. I’ll not hesitate to contact in the future for publishing another paper.
    All my best regards to the editorial staff members."

    Dr. O. S. Aderinola
    "We have seen the publication of our paper in your journal and wish to appreciate your promptness, eagerness and efficiency in disseminating knowledge to humanity the World over.
    We say thank you and that we will be back with more very soon."

    Dr. Frank N. Enor 
    "Thank you for the promptness"

    Prof. Sharmista
    Dear editor,
    "I am just overwhelmed by your services.
    I had a wonderful experience with you.
    Thanks for publishing my paper."

    Ranat Rysbek Kyzy
    "thank you very much for publication of my small manuscript! It is my first publication and I am very excited that you gave me this chance. I will try to write  better and more interesting articles and send for your review. Wish you all the best!"

    P K Paul
    "Greetings for a grand success.
    Hope our existing two papers will also release soon."

    Jean Bosco Nzitunga
    "This is excellent!! Thank you very much for your quality service."

    Prof. Mohammad Abul Kashem
    Dear Sir,
    "I feel honored being a selected author in your esteemed journal. Very truly, it’s my pleasure to be engaged with. 
    Thank You again."

    Jürgen Drissner
    "thanks for good news; furthermore we want to give thanks to you for the friendly and reliable cooperation."

    Aras Abdalkarim Al-Zangana
    "Thanks for publishing my article. It is my pleasure to be in touch with your journal, I will have more manuscript to be published. 
    Thanks for your help I appreciate.
    Have a great time "

    Mbangiseni Adam Mashau
    "Thank you so much for the publication. It has indeed been an experiential journey to have worked with you. Looking forward to working with you in the future."

    Charles Adusei
    "l am grateful to the ARPG team for making it possible for me to publish the top papers.
    l will urged the team to even improve the good work that you are doing. my part is to encourage others to publish their papers through APRG."

    T. Terver Udu
    "I am pleased to receive the online copy of our article and would like to thank you for such commitment to quality."

    Jaime B. Vigo
    "Thank  you. It’s beautiful!"

    Kipng’etich Kirui E. J.
    "Hi I thank you for this quick publication. I have told my friends to consider publishing with you."

    J. G. William
    "Thank you for publishing my paper in your journal."

    Ms. Alaka samantaray
    "Thank you so much for your support."

    Jean Bosco Nzitunga
    "Thanks you very much for the timely process and impressively well-presented paper format.
    I look forward to publishing with you again soonest."

    Yu. N. Zayko
    "Thank you for your letter. I’m looking forward with hope on helpful and pleasure collaboration"

    Prof. Nisar Ahmad Bazmi
    "Its OK and thanks so please drop/release on line this research paper.
    Again thanks and best regards."

    Ismail, H. Y.
    "Good day sir. On behalf of my co~authors, i highly thank you and
    appreciate your ability to publish our article in your most prestigious
    journal. "
    thank you and best regards"

    Dr. S.A. Dada
    "Thanks for everything. I am indeed very grateful."

    Dr. Godwin O.Chukwu
    "Dear Editor, 
    I write to express our profound gratitude for a speedy publication of the manuscript referenced as above."

    Danial Shirzadi
    "thanks for prompt publication."

    Egena Ode
    Dear Editor,
    "Thank you for the update and prompt process. Looking forward to working with you again."

    Vaibhav Jain
    "Thank you very much sir, it’s very good experience. Sir for print journal copy what is the procedure for getting it."

    Ejikeugwu Chika
    "Thank you very plenty. We appreciate. Your prestigious journal did very well in the corrections and correspondences; and the peer review really helped us to improve."

    Thank you all....
    Editor ARPG