Q.1. May I submit manuscript through online submission system?
Ans: Yes you can submit your manuscript through online submission system.

Q.2. May I submit manuscript by email?
Ans: Yes you can submit your manuscript by email as an attachment to editor@arpgweb.com ; info@arpgweb.com.

Q.3. Is there any review process after submission?
Ans: Yes after submission, the manuscript is reviewed by peer reviewers.

Q.4. How can I find whether my manuscript does meet to the ARPG journal scope or not?
Ans: You can confirm by reading journal aim and scope page.

Q.5. Is there any page limit or word limit for a manuscript?
Ans: Yes, but the most important thing is the quality of the manuscript. The page limit is 10 to 20.

Q.6. Is this essential for an author to suggest reviewers at the time of submission?
Ans: If you know alternate reviewers, please suggest. If you don’t know anyone, we will manage this.

Q.7. Is this essential to submit a covering letter with the submission?
Ans: Yes, this is essential to submit a cover letter with the manuscript.

Q.8. How may I know whether my manuscript has been submitted to ARPG or not?
Ans: After the submission you will receive an acknowledgement email with paper id from both online submission and submission through email.

Q.9. How much time takes the review process?
Ans: The review process is completed within 21-30 days (Except The Journal of Social Science Research).

Q.10. How can I pay publication fee?
Ans: You can pay publication fee via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union and Money Gram. Click here for details.

Q.11. How may I know whether the publication fee has been received by ARPG or not?
Ans: After making the payment you will have to send the scanned copy of the payment slip to the editor. On receiving the scanned copy the editor will confirm the payment and send you a confirmation email.

Q.12: When my manuscript will be published after acceptance?
Ans: Your manuscript will be published online within 15 days of acceptance payment.

Q.13: How will I come to know that my paper is published?
Ans: After publication you will receive an email from our production department.

Q. 14: Can I pay only online publication fee?
Ans: Yes, You can pay only online publication. If you don’t want to get the hard copy then you can publish your paper online by paying only online publication fee.

Q. 15: When I will have the hard copy after online publication?
Ans:  After 2-3 months of online publication you will have the hard copy.