International Journal of Economics and Financial Research

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Volume 6 Number 10 October 2020

Extended Producer Responsibility for Waste Oil, E-Waste and End-of-Life Vehicles

Authors: Arner Asunción
Pages: 223-235
This paper aims to explore the relationships of the performance of producer responsibility organizations (PROs) for waste oil, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and end-of-life vehicles (ELV). The methodology consists in estimating the cointegration equations between the variables of lubricating oil production (SIG), electric and electronic equipment (EEE), and vehicle production (VP) using dynamic ordinary least squares (DOLS). Subsequently, elasticities are got based on estimates for Spain over the period 2007-2019 using quarterly data. The main results were that SIG and EEE were cointegrated variables. The elasticity of the SIG variable up to EEE was positive at 2, 4166. Additionally, the elasticity of the SIG variable up to VP was 2, 4050. However, SIG and VP are not cointegrated variables; subsequently, it was not a stable relationship between these variables. Results suggest it was because EPR was applied in WEEE PRO join with a deposit refund system (DRS); meanwhile, EPR in ELV PRO had been applied without subsidies to purchase cars.

The Character of R&D Investment of Multinational Corporation in Shaanxi Province

Authors: Li Xinying ; Wang Tao
Pages: 219-222
In the process of R&D globalization, due to market demand and preferential policies, many multinational companies choose to invest in R&D in China. With the increase of labor costs in coastal areas and the rapid economic development of the central and western regions, multinational companies have already shifted from coastal areas to central and western regions when choosing R&D regions in China, especially in Shaanxi Province. Therefore, studying the character of R&D investment and operating performance of Multinational Corporation in Shaanxi Province has important practical significance. This article uses the data of the R&D investment of multinational corporation in the joint annual inspection of Shaanxi Province in 2018 as the sample and uses EXCEL software to conduct data analysis to gain an in-depth understanding of the character of R&D and investment of multinational corporation in Shaanxi Province, business characteristics and business performance. And it is concluded that the R&D investment of multinational corporation in Shaanxi Province has a series of characteristics such as concentration of distribution, concentration of enterprise scale, and overall good performance of operating performance.

An Econometric Analysis on Remittance and Economic Growth in Bangladesh

Authors: Md Shafiul Islam
Pages: 214-218
In Bangladesh, migrant worker’s remittances constitute one of the most significant sources of external finance. This paper investigates the existence of relation between remittance inflow and GDP and the causal link between them in Bangladesh by employing the Granger causality test under a VECM framework. Using time series data over a 38 year period, we found that growth in remittances does lead to economic growth in Bangladesh. In addition to the relationship, this paper also points out some issues that are working as impediments in getting remittance and give some recommendations to overcome those impediments.