International Journal of Economics and Financial Research

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Volume 1 Number 9 December 2015

Analyzing the Working Capital Management on Company?s Performance a Case Study of Chemical Sector Listed in KSE

Authors: Nisar Ahmad Bazmi ; Muhammad Ilyas
Pages: 123-130
The main objective of this paper such as the Karachi Stock Exchange market development working capital management (WCM) on firm performance is to determine the impact. In this paper the chemical industry for the period 2009-2014 to 6 years for a sample of 22 firms Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) working capital management and firm performance of different variables used for analysis . Working Capital Management to measure the variables that were used in this study are the number of recovery days , days in inventory and size , leverage , inventory , equity , sales  and gross domestic product (GDP) numbers are control variables. Firm performance measure used in this study for the dependent variable is the return on assets. Firm size is positively affected by the firm’s profits. Firms whose profits are high, their working capital firms are not interested in management and firm performance. The result of the study and working capital is negative relationship between firm performance shows. Is a positive relationship between size and profitability? Firm size is increased or decreased profit increased or decreased respectively. Moreover, profits and principles that support the pecking order used by firms are negative relationship between debts.