Volume 3 Number 2 February 2017

The Institutionalization of Photographic Industry and the Society

Authors: A. K. Kemevor ; Joseph Essuman
Pages: 13-19
The purpose of this article is to highlight on photography as an excellent art work.  This article on photography is based on the authenticity and social influence of the photographer.  In discussing the paper, some attempts have been made to examine the nature and dynamics of photography, as well as the appreciation of photographs as a human achievement. There is also a general overview on photography in Ghana, outlining in particular the visual aesthetics of the photographic industry, and the specialized fields that exist. The paper concludes that the use of technological photography in teaching at all levels should be encouraged. It is when we add our personal vision to the technology of photography then we cross that line from mere reproduction to transformation.  With this shift from science to art, we begin speaking with a vocabulary of aesthetics.