Volume 9 Number 1 March 2023

Impact of Socio-demographic Determinants on Individual Health in Bangladesh

Authors: Masum Billah Patowary ; Israt Jahan Kakoly
Pages: 11-17
This study aims to investigate the impact of socio-demographic factors on health in Bangladesh using the World Health Survey dataset. Using the seemingly unrelated regression models the study reveals that female compared to male faces more challenges in terms of problems regarding mobility, self-care, bodily pain, sleeping, remembering and depression. The study also finds that as the level of education increases the severity of facing these problems reduces. Furthermore, people who are never married widowed and separated or divorced experience more problems in terms of self-care, remembrance, sleeping as well as depression compared to those who are currently married.

A Survey on the Impact of Covid-19 on the Labor Market

Authors: Ali Zarifhonarvar
Pages: 1-10
The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic had numerous social, political, and economic consequences. However, many studies suggest the labor market is the most affected area compared to the others. This is because some of the workers were forced to quit due to the presence of the pandemic at their places of employment. This particular paper focuses on performing a comprehensive survey on the effects of Covid-19 on labor markets. It is well known that the Covid pandemic has led to widespread job losses and a decrease in labor force participation. The unemployment rate had risen significantly, and the number of people out of work increased by millions. The labor market was also being affected by decreased working hours and increased temporary layoffs. The literature on labor economics is divided into two distinct areas of the effect of the pandemic. On one side, there are papers conducted on the general impact of the pandemic on the labor market, including demand and supply of labor, unemployment, and the heterogeneous effect of Covid on different groups and ages. On the other side, some studies are related to the Covid specific topics which are new to the literature of labor economics, such as work from home, remote working, lockdowns, and social distancing. One other evolving part is the Post Covid era and the recovery phase.