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Volume 10 Number 2 April 2024

Qualitative Analysis of English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Ningxia, China

Authors: Kong Ling Di
Pages: 5-13
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/jssr.102.5.13
Job satisfaction is the positive expressive feedback and attitudes workers have toward their jobs. It is viewed as a very significant issue within all types of establishments. But there is limited research exploring job satisfaction in the educational context, and as such, there is a deficiency in the understanding of the issues that particularly affect university English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers’ perceptions about their job satisfaction. Therefore, this study explored, within the precinct of Herzberg (1959) theory, the EFL teachers job satisfaction in Ningxia, China. A purposive sampling design was used to select 10 informants chosen from Ningxia in China while series of in-depth interviews were conducted and data analyzed thematically using NVIVO software. The study analysis, assessed job satisfaction through multiple facets that revealed job satisfaction as depending basically upon what the university English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers in Ningxia, China gets from their job. Thus, it is recommended that the management of university where English as a Foreign Language are taught should set in motion strategies to sustain the current situation. Similarly, future researchers should extent the focus of job satisfaction research to low socioeconomic countries in relation to intrinsic values.