Volume 1 Number 3 July 2015

A Conceptual Study on Supply Chain Management in Creating Customer Value

Authors: Muhammad Sabbir Rahman ; Md. Aftab Anwar ; Ferdous Azam S. M. ; Fadi Abdelmuniem Abdelfattah
Pages: 32-36
The aim of this conceptual paper is to explicate the impact of effective supply chain management in creating customers’ value. This study applied secondary source to collect all the relevant information in order to derive the conceptual framework.  The findings suggest that effective supply chain management has a positive impact on the sustainability, organizational performance, competitiveness and innovativeness in way to creating ultimate value for the customers.

The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on the Organizational Performance: A Study on Banks in Libya

Authors: Gaboul Ahmed Faiz ; Fais Ahmad
Pages: 25-31
The present study aimed to examine the effect of the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) on organizational performance (OP). This study was motivated by the mixed findings in literature regarding the relationships between EO and organizational performance. Owing to the mixed results, a novel stream of research was created and this motivated further examining of the impact of other variables that may shed a light on the nature of the relationship. Several theories have been proposed in literature posit the direct relationships among strategies, resources and capabilities as antecedents of success. In this study, copies of questionnaires were distributed to 300 Libyan banks branches, where 200 copies of questionnaires were returned and analyzed. The proposed hypothesis was tested through PLS-SEM and the study results showed that EO positively predicted organizational performance.