Volume 8 Number 3 September 2022

Curiosity among Students in Learning the Design and Technology Subject

Authors: DayangSuryati Abang Ibrahim ; Abdullah Mat Rashid
Pages: 48-55
Curiosity is needed in Learning Design and Technology (D&T), which is practically work-oriented for students to explore knowledge and develop current skills in designing products. Curiosity can generate creative, critical, and innovative thinking for students in getting ideas and solving problems during the learning process. However, studies have found that students are less curious, ask questions, and are interested in exploring during their lessons. Hence, a case study was conducted to identify students’ views on curiosity in learning D&T subjects based on teachers’ teaching methods. A total of 11 respondents, 14 years old from lower secondary schools in a district of Selangor, were interviewed. Interviews were done using five dimensions of curiosity through open questions. The researcher also implemented observation of teaching and learning (T&L). The findings showed that the T&L’s methods and activities used by teachers can influence the discernment of students as it encourages them to explore in gaining knowledge, experience, and skills in their learning. Finally, this study recommends that further research be conducted in implementing T&L activities that can enhance students’ curiosity in their learning.