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Volume 9 Number 3 September 2023

Telemedicine Acceptance in Bahrain: Analysis of the Case of COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: Fatima Y. Alsebaie
Pages: 26-32
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/jssr.93.26.32
This study aims to describe the perspectives and lived experiences of physicians and users who used telemedicine during Covid-19 in Bahrain. The study is based on in-depth semi-structured interviews conducted with physicians and users in order to explore their perspectives on using telemedicine during the pandemic. Interview analysis revealed that healthcare professionals’ proactiveness in offering and using telemedicine services during the pandemic contributed significantly to its acceptance and use by patients. Results show that telemedicine users have positive attitude regarding their telemedicine experience and they have high tendency toward using its services even after the pandemic is over, especially for chronic conditions and follow-ups. Results also show that despite the readiness of users for using the telemedicine, some telemedicine services still need improvements in the insurance services, controlled medicine regulation, applications and training for hospital staff and users/patients. The study provides valuable information for the successful implementation of telemedicine services in Bahrain.