Volume 2 Number 10 October 2016

The Role of Classroom Activities in Developing EFL University Learners? Speaking Skills

Authors: Omer Elsheikh Hago Elmahdi ; Israa Hussein Idris Shareef
Pages: 173-188
Class room activity is the fundamental solution to develop speech problem by one way or another. Speech production among EFL University learners and how to perform an effective and well-formed speech poses have been investigated in the current study. It is noticed that students face problems when they want to speak in English. The researchers designed two questionnaires for both the students of Neelain University Faculty of Arts, the Department of English Language and Sudanese university teachers as data collecting tools. Also, the researchers performed three lessons to EFL learners evaluation. Thereafter, the questionnaires were analyzed statistically. This paper has pointed out some practical findings of the study, and some recommendations. These findings and recommendations will be helpful if they are considered seriously by teachers, curriculum designers and planners.