Volume 3 Number 12 December 2017

Rape Endemic in Nigeria: Causes, Effect and Probable Way Out

Authors: Mofoluwawo Esther Omoniyi
Pages: 120-125
Nigeria faces a number of problems such as high rate of corruption, increasing unemployment, persistent poverty, lack of basic medical care amongst others. Added to the above stated developmental problems, is the problem of incessant rape permeating the Nigerian society. This paper examines the causes and effects of rape. The paper is essentially library research with internet sources using expository and phenomenological designs. Rape is shown to be a global social problem and its perpetrators cut across all age brackets. The paper recommends amongst others that; the society should exhibit zero tolerance to rape by engaging rape intolerance attitudes, an increased level of empathy; every perpetrator of rape should be exposed to take full responsibility for his or her actions and should under no circumstances be shielded or protected by parents, colleagues or churches. Nigerian government should enforce laws to protect women against rape.

Bureaucracy Reformation Management for Indonesian National Police (INP) at the Police Technical Function Unit of Polresta Samarinda

Authors: Andi Sutanto ; Dwi Nugroho ; Saraka ; Hasbi Sjamsir
Pages: 115-119
The research purpose is to know The Management of Bureaucracy Reformation of Technical Function of INP in Resort Police of Samarinda. The research has been conducted in using qualitative approach. All of the data collected through interviews, documentation and participant observation.From the result of this research as follows : (1). management of INP bureaucracy reformation is based on technical guidance dan INP Administration for reaching mindset, cultural and instrumental changing, and (2). Bureaucracy reformation of technical function of INP in Resort Police of Samarinda creates innovation and creativity in public services and to become a pilot project, and to be a part of INP Curriculum. Then, (3). supporting and obstacle factors are expected to be a spirit of changing for being an excellence Police services. The conclusion of these research are Bureaucracy reformation of technical function of INP in Resort Police of Samarinda is conducted effectively, professionally, modern, accountable, transparent and to become a pilot project in public service.