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Special Issue

Special Issue 1 2019

The Effects of Special Economic Zone on Community Health Awareness in Sadao District Songkhla Province, Thailand

Authors: Sawpheeyah Nima ; Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong ; Pongthep Suteerawut

The Impact Availability of the Components of Internal Auditing By Adding Value in Government Units in Iraq

Authors: Ihsan Deab Abid

Authorial Stance-Taking and Engagement by Iranian PhD Candidates of TEFL in Writing Their Dissertations

Authors: Farrokh Ghadimi Gheidari ; Mohammad Davoudi ; Saeed Ghaniabad

Consultancy Jurisdiction of the Iraqi State Council: A Comparative Study

Authors: Rana Ali Hameed

The Impact of the Reverse Learning Strategy on the Achievement of Sixth Graders and the Development of Their Creative Thinking

Authors: Adnan Hikmat ; Nour Abdul Malik Naji

Relationship Between Parenting Myths and Marital Satisfaction in Parents of Primary Schoolers

Authors: Mehrangiz Shoaa Kazemi ; Seyyedeh Narjes Omrani ; Zahra Mirzaei ; Narges Khatoon Sabuti

Intensive Course Programme at Qassim University, Saudi Arabia: Finding Correlations between Course Shortcomings and High Dropout Rates

Authors: Mohammad Shariq Mohammad Aslam ; Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal ; Bashar Ragheb Hasan Odeh ; Dalia Baker AbdulAll Saied

Woodcarving Motifs at Melaka Traditional Houses: Kampung Morten

Authors: Farah Wahidah binti Mohamad Gazali ; Madya Dr. Arba’iyah binti Ab. Aziz ; Dr. Norwani binti Md. Nawawi

A Poetic Re-Telling of the Orphic Myth: A Political Study of Denise Levertov’s “A Tree Telling of Orpheus”

Authors: Rana Jabir Obed

The Developmental Crises in the Iraqi Economy and the Arguments over the Economic Openness

Authors: Hind Ghanim Mohammed Al-Mhanna ; Dr. Hanan Abdulkhidhr Hashim ; Hadeel Mohammed Ali Abdulhadi Al-Qamussi

MALL: Resorting to Mobiles in the EFL Classroom

Authors: Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal ; Mohammad Shariq

The Effectiveness of Posters as a Learning Media to Improve Student Learning Quality

Authors: Harsono ; Susi Yulia Rosanti ; Noor Aslinda Abu Seman

Integrated Economic Empowerment Model for Rural Islamic Barding Schools in West Borneo Indonesia

Authors: Anas Alhifni ; Biyati Ahwarumi ; Nurul Huda

Investigating the Zone of Proximal Development in Spoken Data from the Classroom

Authors: Adwaa Sabah Shukur M. A. ; Israa Sabeeh Abbas M. A.

Electronic Games and its Relationship to School Violence Among Primary School Students in Salah Al - Din Governorate

Authors: Ateka Abdullah Hantoosh
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