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Volume 3 Number 3 March 2017

Strategic Management and Business Success in Nigeria

Authors: John N. N. Ugoani
Pages: 26-33
Business success is highly dependent on competent managerial and strategic leadership. Strategic processes of managing and leading are people oriented and require strategic skills to ensure that there is proper motivation in the work environment so as to achieve increased stakeholders value. In the present global environment the need to cope with competition and other critical environmental challenges of business and management underscores the essence of strategic management and business success. The exploratory research design was employed for the study to assess the effect of strategic management on business success in Nigeria. Data generated were analyzed through the regression statistical technique, and it was found that with 1 percent increase in strategic management business success increases by 7.31 percent.

Assessment of Suitability of Long-Term Financial Instruments for Housing in Latvia

Authors: Inita Henilane ; Daina Skiltere
Pages: 18-25
Housing situation in Latvia in general is being characterized by two main features: poor technical condition of multi-apartment houses because the major part of housing stock has been built during Soviet times and for their improvement in long-term large investments are necessary, and the support provided so far in housing provision issues for different social risk groups, for example, young families, large families, students, etc. is insufficient. The purpose of the research is to evaluate suitability of long-term financial instruments for housing implemented in Latvia from 2000 - 2015, to offer new long-term financial instruments for housing for implementation in Latvia and assess suitability potential for their implementation in Latvian conditions. Research methodology: Analytical research method, comparative research method and expert interview method have been applied to carry out the research.  Scope of experiment is long term housing financial instruments. Conclusions: The results of the research show that that it would be required to introduce various new long-term financial instruments for housing with which the more private investment could be attracted, while improving availability of housing for different social risk groups.