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Volume 4 Number 4 April 2018

Assessment of the Use of E-Marketing among Agribusiness Firms in South East Nigeria

Authors: Chizoba Obianuju Oranu ; Anslem Enete ; Ugwuoke Chukwuchebe Obiajulu ; Ume Chukwuma Otum
Pages: 36-42
The importance of marketing to any business can not be over emphasized . There are so many defects in the present marketing system such as the way of making the prospective customers know the products the firms have, locating the right firms that have the products needed by consumers. The broad objective of this work is to assess the use of emarketing by agribusiness firms  in South Eastern Nigeria. Specifically, the study ascertains the extent of use of emarketing by agribusiness firm in south east, the perception of the agribusiness firms to the use of emarketing in their business, and the performance of firms as they age in e-marketing. The data were obtained from primary sources through well-structured questionnaire, observation and oral interviews. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, regression and likert rating scale techniques. Findings from the study show that e-marketing has not be fully adopted in south east Nigeria, and that e-marketing when well-practiced can help reduce cost, reduce time, promote sales, improves sales and increase production generally.