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Volume 2 Number 8 August 2016

The Impact of Bank-Specific Determinants on Commercial Banks? Liquidity in Namibia

Authors: Johannes P. S. Sheefeni
Pages: 155-162
This paper examined the bank-specific determinants for commercial bank’s liquidity in Namibia. The study was based on quarterly data covering the period 2001:Q1 to 2014:Q2, utilizing the technique of unit root and ordinary least squares. The results of the unit root test showed that all variable were stationary in levels and thus, the ordinary least squares technique was used to conduct the estimation. The results revealed a statistical insignificant negative relationship between commercial bank’s liquidity and return on equity as a measure of commercial bank’s profitability. Furthermore, the results also showed a positive relationship between commercial bank’s liquidity and capital adequacy as well as between commercial bank’s liquidity and non-performing loans though statistical insignificant.

Investigating the Effect of Brand Personality on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Iran

Authors: Vahid Reza Mirabi ; Masoud Lajevardi ; Seyyedeh Sahar Mousavi
Pages: 146-154
One of the main topics in marketing area is customer satisfaction. The literature is full of research in this regard and this term is highly cited in marketing research articles related to consumer behavior. Brand personality is a new term in comparison to customer satisfaction. Despite customer satisfaction which has been in place for more than a decade, brand personality has just been introduced and hence there is a dearth of research in literature for this term. Therefore, the aim of this study is to see what the effect of brand personality on customer satisfaction is. Since one important variable which is highly effective is demographic variables, in this study we will see the effect of this variable as a moderator on the relation between customer satisfaction and brand personality. Results showed that brand personality has a direct effect on customer satisfaction and demographic variable has moderator effect on the relationship between brand personality and customer satisfaction.