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Volume 5 Number 8 August 2019

Do Your Neighbors Matter to You? : Focused on Chinese Jiu Ling Hou (Post-’90s) Generation Online Shoppers

Authors: Hao Weng ; Yiqi Hu ; Zhen Li ; Yichu Sun ; Min Chung Han
Pages: 118-126
The post-’90s generation is made up of those born between 1990 and 1999 in China; it is also the generation that is driving e-commerce in China. To attract these post-’90s consumers, online retailers have adopted recommender systems based on previous purchases and personal preferences. However, current Chinese online retailers do not typically consider the purchasing histories of their neighbors, although those neighbors have been proven to influence consumer behavior intention in several fields of study. Thus, this study investigates neighbors’ influences on Chinese consumer behavior in online shopping. In particular, this study examines the relationship between neighbors’ purchase histories and consumers’ purchase decisions among Chinese post-’90s consumers. Furthermore, this research seeks to determine whether neighbors’ purchasing history has an influence on consumer perceptions (e.g., perceived enjoyment, perceived risk) and whether perceived enjoyment and perceived risk have influences on purchasing intention.

Exploring the Impact of Environmental Sustainability on Firm Performance in the Manufacturing Industry in Jordan

Authors: Ahmad Fathi Alheet
Pages: 110-117
Environmental sustainability is an important component of a firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility. It relates to firm practices that ensure the conservation of the environment and natural resources, such as water, land and air. This research study aims to study the concept in relation to firm performance in Jordan. It proposes that environmental sustainability practices of a company in Jordan’s manufacturing industry positively influence its financial performance. For this purpose, the study assesses the relationship between environmental sustainability score and the profitability ratios. Results reveal a significant positive impact of sustainability score on the ROA of the companies. It is therefore recommended to manufacturing firms in Jordan to focus more on environmental CSR and sustainability practices, which would result in improved efficiency and profitability.