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Business, Management and Economics Research

Online ISSN: 2412-1770
Print ISSN: 2413-855X

Quarterly Published (4 Issues Per Year)


Volume 4 Number 10 October 2018

Value Comparison of Chinese Household Paper Industry

Authors: Wang Tao ; Zhong Yue
Pages: 135-140
China’s household paper industry saw steady growth in 2017 as the country’s economy stabilized and improved, while benefiting from increased population urbanization and consumption upgrading. On the other hand, under the circumstance of strict environmental protection and high fluctuation of external pulp price, the speed of capacity clearance is accelerating, thus driving the market share closer to the leading position. This Paper analyzes the assets and business performance of three companies, Hengan International Group Co. Ltd, Vinda International Holdings Limited and C&S Paper Co. Ltd, which are the first tier in Chinese household Paper industry. It is concluded that Hengan, as the industry leader, has a large volume and is now in a stable position. Vinda also has diversified development, but the situation is not objective. As a rising star, C&S focuses on living paper. Though it is small in size, it is growing rapidly, and has already surpassed Vinda.

Work Hazards and Job Satisfaction Among Public Servants in Cross River State Nigeria and Counselling Interventions

Authors: Bassey Akase N. ; Okpechi Philip A.
Pages: 130-134
This research study investigated work hazards and job satisfaction among public servants in Cross River State Nigeria and counselling interventions. To achieve the objectives of this study, one null hypothesis was raised to direct the study. Literatures related to the variables under study were reviewed. A sample of 800 public servants were selected from three senatorial districts of the population through stratified random sampling technique. Ex-post-facto design was adopted for the study. Questionnaire titled “work hazards and job satisfaction among public servants (WHJSPS)” was used for data collection. The hypothesis was tested using independent t-test, at 0.05 level of significance. The result obtained from the findings revealed that the level of job dissatisfaction among public servants in Cross River State is significantly high, showing that they are not job satisfied. Attitude to work has significant influence on job satisfaction; public servants with positive attitude to work were more satisfied with job than their counterparts with negative attitude to work. There is a significant inverse relationship between physical/mechanical work hazards, biochemical work hazards, ergonomic work hazards, psychosocial work hazards and job satisfaction. It was recommended among other things, that adequate and regular worker salaries and wages should be made by the government as workers will be happy to perform efficient job. Government should empower workers for career advancement, adequate prevention of work hazards through provision of safety devices, modern buildings, good roads and education of workers on the use of modern equipment, will greatly energize public servants for efficient work and job satisfaction.