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Volume 1 Number 7 November 2015

A Qualitative Study Investigating the Operational Activities of a Distribution Center of Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company

Authors: Tweneboah-Koduah Isaac ; Charles Adusei
Pages: 101-106
This paper uses a single qualitative interview with the Warehouse and Ports Operations (WPO) Officer to investigate the operations of Kaase Inland Port as a distribution center of Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company. The findings of the study revealed that during offloading all stakeholders must be present to accept the result; stacks are built to protect the cocoa bean’s health and the quality control division issue purity certificate after analyzing the cocoa beans in the laboratory. The main conclusion drawn from study was that best practices were strictly followed under the inbound and outbound logistics but warehousing was not up to the task. The paper suggests newer and better methods of warehousing technologies.

Intrapreneurship Dynamics and Small-Scale Businesses? Growth: A Meta-Analysis

Authors: Udu Ama Aka
Pages: 92-100
The objective of the paper is to provide an in depth analysis of the concept of intrapreneurship and how it is a leeway to the success of small-scale businesses in South East Nigeria. Extant literature were reviewed and the theoretical framework is anchored on the psychological innovation entrepreneurship theory propounded by Schumpeter in1938 in which he describes the entrepreneur as one forsaking well-trodden paths to open up new territory and as turning  dreams into reality. A structured questionnaire that gauged the structure; size, control, organizational and communications levels of Small Scale Businesses, in relation with intrapreneurship was developed and administered to small scale businesses.  Data collected were analysed using the Pearson’s product moment correlation, t-test and three (3) simple regression models. Also to show that the data satisfies the conditions for parametric analysis, the F-Statistic linearity test and Shapiro-Wilk’s test of normality was also conducted using the SPSS version 20.0. However, from the data analysis, it was found that small-scale business growth is enhanced through intrapreneurship activities. Consequently it is recommended that small-scale owners should engage people with entrepreneurship orientations.