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Volume 3 Number 11 November 2017

Interaction Model of Superior Performance Based on Technological Resources and Competitive Actions in the Nascent Cycle of the Tablet Industry

Authors: Tung-Shan Liao
Pages: 218-231
Drawing on and integrating the resource-based view (RBV) and competitive dynamics literature, this study developed an interaction model to explore competitive contests by investigating how the interaction between technologically heterogeneous resources and competitive actions affects performance in the nascent market. The proposed model was examined using structured content analysis and data extracted from more than 3,200 news articles regarding the interfirm rivalry between Google and Apple in the table industry. The findings, first, indicate that in nascent markets, aggressive competitive action can exert a negative effect on firm performance. Second, this paper presents empirical evidence supporting the RBV through testing how the technological resource heterogeneity of these firms contributed to their performance (in terms of technological value and technological rarity). Finally, we found that technological resource heterogeneity mitigates the potentially negative effects of aggressive competitive action on the performance of high-technology firms during the nascent cycle.

The Relationship between Corporate Governance and Stock Price Crash Risk with Tendency Corporate Ownership

Authors: Zahra Pour Zamani ; Arash Behdash
Pages: 212-217
This study examines the relationship between corporate governance and risk falling stock prices according to the type of ownership of the company on the Stock Exchange of Tehran. For this study, a sample of 4 companies listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange were selected using random sampling method. In this study, the relationship between corporate governance and risk falling stock prices according to the type of company ownership in Tehran Stock Exchange for the period 1389 to 1393 was A total of 470 observed for the period was used Who has 70 years of institutional ownership companies And 400 data related to companies with ownership of the company. The statistical methods used in this research is multiple regression method. The results show that the risk of falling standards of corporate governance in companies owned firm’s stock price So that the effectiveness of the board, board structure and governance structure, risk of falling stock prices on corporate ownership in companies with significant effect in reverse. But institutional ownership in companies with corporate governance criteria in danger of falling stock prices have no effect.