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Volume 4 Number 11 November 2018

Factors Affecting Consumer Attitudes Toward Chain Super Store Brands in Bangladesh

Authors: Shamima Akter ; Md. Zahidur Rahman
Pages: 148-153
The current study analyzes the impact of various communicational avenues (Controlled communication, uncontrolled communication) and brand name over brand attitude in the context of Retail Industry in Bangladesh. The nature of the study will be co relational, and the researcher will conduct questionnaire survey for further analyses to examine the relationships among research variables.  The researcher will use statistical techniques such as mean, correlation, regression, and standard deviation in this study. The results of the correlation analyses will provide full support to all the research hypotheses; however regression analyses will provide partial support to the research hypotheses.

Record Management and Goals Achievement in the Public Sector: A Study of Selected Local Government Areas in Enugu State

Authors: Dr. Joy Nonyelum Ugwu ; Dr. Nnadi Chikezie Sunday Onoh ; Chikwe Goddey C.
Pages: 141-147
This study focused on Record Management and Goals Achievement in the Public Sector: A Study of Selected Local Government Areas in Enugu State. The research design for the study was the descriptive survey research. The population for the study consists of a sample of 49 senior staff of records unit and administrative department of six Local Government Areas (LGAs) selected through purposive sampling from the three senatorial zones of Enugu State. However, in analyzing the data, the researchers relied on the 41 questionnaires that were validly completed and returned. The major instrument for data collection was a five point likert scale questionnaire titled record management and goal achievement in the public sector questionnaire (RM&GAPSQ). It was concluded in this study that record management system employed by the selected LGAs in Enugu state has contributed in the achievement of the goals of the government especially in the area of enhancing process efficiency. It was recommended that Local Government Areas should ensure that results of their socio-economic mapping and project management information should be integrated into the overall information system of the LGAs for enhanced social service and project delivery, training and retraining of record managers in the LGAs should be made an intricate part of the policies of the LGAs in order to update their proficiency and ensure that they contribute optimally to the achievement of the goals of the LGAs and in order to promote cost efficiency and enhance timeliness in information processing, it was also recommended that LGAs should migrate to full electronic information management system.