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Volume 3 Number 12 December 2017

An Applied Research and a Lean Manufacturing Process Construction for Garment Enterprises, Applied to Factory 123, Huu Nghi Garment Joint Stock Company

Authors: Hong, Vo Thi Thu
Pages: 232-238
The lean manufacturing system is stated the right tool to improve production systems in order to meet the performance and change demands of today’s rapidly evolved technology. The theory of the process is to eliminate wastes, empower workers, reduce inventories, and ensure to meet customers’ requirements. The purpose of this study is to construct a lean manufacturing process experimented at Factory 123, Huu Nghi Company. This process is expected to be applicable to nationwide garment enterprises in Viet Nam.
The main issues are mentioned in this study:
 - Assessment of the status (in Content 2) 
- Arranging production facilities and warehouses for Factory 123 (in Content 3) 
- Implementing 5s for Factory 123 (in Content 4) 
- Purchasing policy (inventory) for Huu Nghi Company (in Content 5)
- Deploying a pilot scale group for Factory 123 (in Content 6) 
- Lean the manufacturing process applied to Factory 123 (in Content 7)
- Training to help a thinking change in a positive way, aiming to apply this process in an active and continuing (in Content 8).