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Volume 5 Number 1 January 2019

Analysis of Heavy Metal Pollution Based on Two-Dimensional Diffusion Model

Authors: Yunhui Zeng ; Wenhao Li ; Hongfei Guo ; Yilin Chen ; Xiaoqing Jiang ; Bingjie Yu
Pages: 1-6
This paper takes the propagation characteristics of heavy metals and the judgment of the location of pollution sources as the research objects, aiming to analyze the propagation characteristics of different heavy metals. Firstly, the Gaussian diffusion model is conducted to establish the propagation characteristics model of heavy metal pollutants in the atmosphere. Then, based on the law of conservation of mass and the law of two-dimensional diffusion, the two-dimensional diffusion model is adopted to establish the propagation characteristics model of heavy metals in soil moisture. According to these two models, the nonlinear differential equations are established respectively, revealing that the characteristics of the two propagation ways are related to space, time, diffusion coefficients, and other factors. Then, in the light of the propagation characteristics of different heavy metals, the least square method is applied to reduce the data calculation error and obtain the specific location of the pollution source. Finally, through establishing the three-dimensional diffusion model of heavy metal diffusion by introducing artificial control, speed and angle of prevailing wind direction, and other factors, the model is further optimized. The establishment of this model provides an important theoretical basis and guiding significance for the future study of heavy metal pollutants.