International Journal of Healthcare and Medical Sciences

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Volume 5 Number 2 February 2019

Supporting Technology of Vigorous Activity by Normalization of Biofield and by Healthy Lifestyle

Authors: Bryndin E. G. ; Irina Bryndina
Pages: 7-11
In article the natural technology of improvement of qualities, normalization of a state and increase in activity of the person is considered. The spectral analysis of biofield, correction of a biofield by analog reconstructive optical method of tomography and healthy lifestyle are fundamentals of natural technology. According to the spectral analysis of a biofield the card of step-by-step correction is formed. According to the card of step-by-step correction stage-by-stage impact by the light, acoustic and power field on a biofield of the person is programmed. Process of correction of biofield is carried out under control of the expert in real time by means of a spectroscope. Process of correction comes to an end with normalization of biofield. After normalization of biofield, people passes to healthy activity.