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International Journal of Healthcare and Medical Sciences

Online ISSN: 2414-2999
Print ISSN: 2415-5233

Quarterly Published (4 Issues Per Year)


Volume 8 Number 2 June 2022

Reducing Diabetes Mellitus Incidence: A Prediabetes Progression Reduction Approach

Authors: Dr. George Gborienemi S ; Ombor Jerry A.
Pages: 9-12
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/ijhms.82.9.12
The critical nature of the narrow window between Prediabetes and Diabetes and a possible progressive transformation were the prompting for this research. 300 out- patients visiting 3 hospitals in Yenagoa city of Bayelsa State, Nigeria were the subjects. By adopting enzymatic and spectrophotometric methods, fasting blood glucose samples collected were estimated and evaluated along with some other parameters. Results show that 45(15%) fall within the Prediabetic range (6.0-9.0mmol/l); 30(10%) were Diabetic (>10.0mmol/l); 213(71%) were within normal reference range (3.5-5.5mmol/l), while 12(4%) had glucose values compatible with hypoglycemia (2.0-3.3mmol/l). Considering positive and negative factors that can influence progression to the diabetic state, we suggest aggressive monitoring model to avert the transformation from prediabetes to diabetes and reduce both the disease prevalence, burden and lethality.