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International Journal of Healthcare and Medical Sciences

Online ISSN: 2414-2999
Print ISSN: 2415-5233

Quarterly Published (4 Issues Per Year)


Volume 5 Number 10 October 2019

Matrixmetalloproteinase-9 Genetic Variation with Cataract, Glaucoma and Retinoblastoma in a Senegalese Population

Authors: Matar Ciss ; Ndéye Ndoumbé Guéye ; Fatimata Mbaye ; Paul Aїda Ndoye ; Chérif Dial ; Joseph Ndiaye ; Mbacké Sembéne
Pages: 52-58
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/ijhms.510.52.58
The Matrix metalloproteinase-9 is involved in several pathologies. Its strong presence in ocular pathologies explains our interest for its genetic variation in cataract, glaucoma and retinoblastoma in Senegal. MMP9 is highly polymorphic with cataract and glaucoma. 77 mutations were noted with 21 haplotypes for the entire population. The haplotype diversity Hd is 0.831 and the nucleotide diversity Pi is 0.016; k = 17.395. The polymorphism of the Matrix metalloproteinase-9 gene is associated with all three diseases and SNP 3918249 is found in both cataract and glaucoma.