Volume 6 Number 2 February 2020

Participatory Analysis of Crop Production Constraints and Opportunities in Dire Dawa Admnistratration Eastern Ethiopia

Authors: Kibret Ketema ; Alemayehu Biri ; Dagnachew Lule
Pages: 5-15
Participatory agricultural production constraint analysis was conducted in AGP-II project supported district; Biyo-Awale district from Dire Dawa Adminisrative Councile (DDAC) of Ethiopia with the objective to assess agricultural production constraints of the target community in the study area. The study was used Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) approach to collect and generate the required data and infortation. The study used PRA tools which included reviewing secondary data, focus group discussions, pair-wise ranking, and field observation. Results of PRA study revealed that the main crop production constraints facing the study area are shortage of improved crop varieties for cereal and horticultural crops, pest infestation (weeds, crop disease, and insects), moisture stress due to eratic rainfall distribution and inadequate moisture management practices. The PRA study also revealed that crop production was constraints facing are drought, deforestation, depletion of water resource and declining of soil fertility. The PRA study further indicates shortage of financial capital, and inadequate support in the income source diversification have been identified as major institutiona constraints that are limiting the capacity of the communities to diversify their livelihoods. Hence, there is need for research, development and institutional interventions to alleviate the identified constraints to crop production and socioeconomic in the study area through holistic approach.