Recent Articles

  • Assessment of Factors Limiting Production of Citrus among Smallholder Farmers in Benue State, Nigeria
    Authors: Attah A. J. ; Mbah E. N. ; Okeke M. N.
    Pages: 170-175
  • Effects of Inhibition of Starch Branching Enzyme on in situ Degradation of Endosperm Starch During Rice Seedling Growth
    Authors: Juan Wang ; Ting Pan ; Cunxu Wei
    Pages: 164-169
  • Allelopathic Effect of Aqueous Extracts of Parthenium (Parthenium Hysterophorus L.) Parts on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Maize (Zea Mays L.)
    Authors: Tesfay Amare
    Pages: 157-163
  • Response of Sorghum Lines and Hybrids from the United States to Long Smut and Grain Mold
    Authors: Louis K. Prom ; Ndiaga Cissé ; Ramasamy Perumal ; Hugo Cuevas
    Pages: 152-156
  • Assessment of the Toxic Effect of Oily Drill Cuttings on Mangrove Littoral Periwinkle (Tympanotonus Fuscatus) of the Lagos Lagoon
    Authors: Igwegbe A. N. ; Chukwu L. O. ; Ayo-Olalusi C. I.
    Pages: 147-151
  • Measurement of Radiological Hazard Indices in Cereals Grown Around Ririwai Tin Mine, Kano State, North Western Nigeria
    Authors: Abdullahi M. A. ; Alhassan S. ; Obajemu O.
    Pages: 141-146
  • Effect of Sowing Dates on the Productivity of Oilseed Citrullus Lanatus
    Authors: Gore Bi Boh Nestor ; Gnamien Yah Gwladys ; Yao Kouakou Abessika Georges ; Akaffou Doffou S?lastique ; Zoro Bi Irie Ars?ne
    Pages: 136-140
  • Sensory and Physical Changes of Green Cubiu Fruits (Solanum Sessiliflorum Dunal, Solanaceae) During the Post-Harvest Period at Ambient Atmosphere
    Authors: Moacir Couto de Andrade J?nior ; Jerusa Souza Andrade ; Suely de Souza Costa
    Pages: 125-135
  • Characterization and Starch Properties of a Waxy Mutant in Japonica Rice Kitaake
    Authors: Long Zhang ; Linglong Zhao ; Xiurui Zhang ; Lingshang Lin ; Cunxu Wei
    Pages: 117-124
  • Nematicidal Efficacy of a Bioagent Pseudomonas flourescens for the Sustainable Management of Meloidogyne incognita on Cicer arietinum L
    Authors: Amir Khan ; Moh. Tariq ; Mohd. Asif ; Faryad Khan ; Taruba Ansari ; Mansoor A. Siddiqui
    Pages: 112-116
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