Volume 3 Number 12 December 2017

Do Small-Scale Farmers Want to Plant Sago Palm? An Empirical Analysis of the Factors Influencing Farmer Participation in Luwu Utara Regency, Indonesia

Authors: Marlisa Ayu Trisia ; Andi Patiware Metaragakusuma ; Katsuya Osozawa ; Hu Bai
Pages: 97-109
Despite the sago palm’s significant contribution to village economies since early times, it has never been cultivated in a systematic manner by local farmers in Luwu Utara Regency, Indonesia. This study examines farmers’ willingness to plant sago palm and the determinant factors influencing farmers’ adoption behavior. A descriptive analysis and binary logit model were used for this paper. The results revealed that the majority of the respondents agree that replanting is generally important and they believe it to be of concern for every local farmer. The results further indicate that knowledge of an integrated cultivation system of sago, access to information and training, internal motivation, work experience, and the size of the sago area are the determinant factors influencing farmers to plant sago palm. The findings in this study could explain farmers’ adoption of a better cultivation system plays an important role in the future of sustainable sago palm production.