Volume 3 Number 2 February 2017

Traversing the Threshold in Child and Youth Care Education: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Meaning-Making Experience of Student Participants in an International Study Tour

Authors: Gerard Bellefeuille ; Kerry Heaney Dalton ; Stephen Neuman ; Asma Ammouneh ; Cassie Anthony ; Maya Bautista ; Gabrielle Benzon ; Jack Deol ; Lori Smith ; Kelly-Ann Reid ; Sarah Thang
Pages: 12-22
This qualitative, relational-centred inquiry explores the learning experiences of a group of twenty Child and Youth Care (CYC) students who completed a twelve-day international study tour through parts of Ireland and Scotland. The international study tour offers experience-based learning opportunities for CYC students to see first-hand Irish and Scottish history, culture, and social care systems. Through this inquiry the student participants communicated and interpreted the meaning of their study tour experience. The data analysis revealed five thematic categories organized around five guiding research questions, the results of which are described below.