Volume 6 Number 2 February 2020

Research on the Innovation of the Cultivation Mode of Biology Postgraduate Students in Local Normal Universities —A Case Study of Xinyang Normal University

Authors: Bo Peng ; Xiao-Rui Ma ; Feng Peng ; Xue-Zhong Sun ; Xia-Yu Tian ; Lu-Lu He ; Meng-Yang Zheng ; Yan-Fang Sun ; Rui-Hua Pang ; Jin-Tiao Li ; Quan-Xiu Wang ; Wei Zhou ; Hong-Yu Yuan
Pages: 6-13
Postgraduate education is the highest level of education and the cradle of training high-level professionals in China. The quality of postgraduate training is the lifeline of postgraduate education, which determines the potential of the country’s future economic and social development and the competitiveness of talents. With the continuous expansion of the national graduate enrollment scale, it is of great theoretical and practical significance for local normal universities to cultivate biological professionals to adapt to the development of life science and social needs, and to explore a new model for the cultivation of biological postgraduate professionals. In the past 14 years, the College of Life Sciences of Xinyang Normal University has been focusing on the construction of "Supervisor-Team-Discipline", determined to improving the theoretical quality and practical ability of postgraduate students, that is, "One center, Two improvements" of the new model of training biological postgraduate students, which has important theoretical significance and potential application value for the continuous improvement of teaching quality of biological postgraduate in education.