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Volume 3 Number 9 September 2017

Nursing Student,s Anxiety Related to Clinical Experiences

Authors: Sajid Iqbal ; Noor-Ul-Haq ; Abid Ullah ; Zia Ur Rehman ; Shoaib ; Fawad Khan
Pages: 111-115
This research project is designed to assess the level of anxiety among nursing students regarding clinical experiences at a private nursing institute in Peshawar, Pakistan. A Cross sectional quantitative study designed is used. Self-adopted, structured, and validated questionnaire is distributed among sample of 53 nursing students. Data are analyzed by using SPSS version 22.  Chi-Square test is applied to find out significance of the variables. Results are given in the form of descriptive, and inferential statistics.  Due to clinical training and practices, 11.3% students have sever anxiety. Results also signify that due to clinical practice, male students have more anxiety than female students.  There is an immense need for ongoing follow-up of students’ psychosocial health and development of effective coping abilities in them.

Effectiveness of Using Stop, Think and Talk Activities on the Performance of Students in Reading Comprehension in Junior Secondary Schools in Federal Capital Territory (Fct) Abuja

Authors: Hanna Onyi Yusuf
Pages: 106-110
The study was carried out to determine the effect of stop, think and talk activities on the performance of students in reading comprehension in junior secondary schools in Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. The study was carried out using a quasi-experimental pretest-posttest research design. The target population of the study comprised of 16,925 JSII students. A sample size of 100 JSII students from two secondary schools in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, were purposely sampled in the study. Sixty five (65) students from Government Junior Secondary School, Apo and thirty five (35) from Government Junior Secondary School, Garki were used for the study. Both groups of students were taught for six (6) weeks. Government Junior Secondary School, Apo was assigned as the experimental group while Government Junior Secondary School, Garki was assigned as the control school. Students were pre-tested to establish their homogeneity before the commencement of the treatment. They were taught for six (6) weeks and were tested using retelling test as an instrument. Data collected from students’ test scores was analysed using mean and standard deviation, while t-test was used to test the formulated null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significance. Findings of the study revealed that “stop, think and talk” activities had significant effect on students’ performance in reading comprehension. In fact, the experimental group which was exposed to stop, think and talk activities had better understanding of the reading comprehension passages given to them. The result further revealed that students in experimental group were more active, responsive and paid more attention to details concerning the main ideas in the passages read. Based on the findings, it was recommended that teachers should be encouraged to use “stop, think and talk” activities in reading comprehension lessons. Such activities should be provided before, during and after every reading comprehension passage to enhance and facilitate students’ reading abilities. Curriculum planners should provide activities that would encourage students to “stop, think and talk” to make reading comprehension lesson more purposeful and meaningful.

English Teaching Strategies with Situational Teaching Method for Preschool Education Majors in China,s Secondary Vocational School

Authors: Weixuan Shi ; Hongyan Zhang
Pages: 102-105
In recent years, preschool education in China is facing great chances, but there are some challenges as well. There is a lack of qualified preschool English teachers, and many graduates majoring in preschool education in secondary vocational school fail to meet the requirements of English Curriculum for Secondary Vocational School (2009). In order to solve the problems, more and more English teachers are exploring new teaching methods, among which situational teaching method is widely accepted. This method has been used in English teaching in Chinese primary and middle schools. However, little attention has been paid to situational teaching method in English class in secondary vocational school. Therefore, the paper aims to explore strategies in situational teaching method in English class for preschool education majors in secondary vocational school.

The Intonation Patterns of English and Persian Sentences: A Contrastive Study

Authors: Mehri Izadi ; Malihe Izadi ; Behnam Azarsa
Pages: 97-101
Different intonation pattern is one of the factors affecting the learning of L2 pronunciation. The contrastive analysis of English-Persian intonation patterns has shown that both languages are similar in sentence-final intonation while they are different in incomplete sentences. To this end, this paper describes English-Persian intonation patterns to look at the differences and similarities of the two languages to improve the effectiveness of L2 learning.