Volume 2 Number 11 November 2016

Partial Least Square Analysis of School Leadership on Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Authors: Olowoselu Abdulrasheed ; Fauzi Hussin ; Muhamad Dzahir Kasa
Pages: 202-208
The importance of quality education in nation building cannot be over emphasized. The research objective of this study is to investigate school leadership on quality assurance in higher education, Adamawa State. The population made up of senior lecturers in 10 departments in the universities. Stratified random sampling method was used to sample 10 lecturers from each of these departments, which makes the total sample size of 100 lecturers. The instrument for data collection was 20-item questionnaire titled ‘‘Quality Assurance in Higher Education Questionnaire’’ (QAHEQ). PLS- 3 measurement models was used to assess the reliability, validity of instruments and data analyses in this study. The result shows that the instruments were reliable and pilot study indicated strong evidence of validity. Findings revealed that, the research is significant because it explores the use of autocratic leadership style to improve quality assurance in higher education. It was therefore recommended that, authority should re-address the issue of funding university with adequate budget for training and re-training of staff.

Investigating Teaching/Learning Vocabulary Techniques and Strategies

Authors: Omer Elsheikh Hago Emahdi ; AbuObieda Gadalla Abd Al-Rahim
Pages: 177-201
This study investigates teaching/learning vocabulary. Mainly, studying the techniques used by EFL teachers in teaching vocabulary and also learners’ strategies to learn vocabulary. The particular research parameter that will be used in this study is the questionnaire for gathering data; the researchers are going to describe the phenomena under investigation. Students’ questionnaire was supposed to examine the strategies that are adopted by learners for learning vocabulary in English. In addition to that there was teachers’ questionnaire that is supposed to examine the techniques, which are used by teachers in teaching new vocabulary. The study reveals how secondary school learners use a variety of vocabulary learning strategies. Students as teachers preferred many of these strategies and techniques that help a lot in pushing the process of learning and teaching vocabulary forward. Overall students and teachers know high frequency vocabulary and how to use it.