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Volume 2 Number 12 December 2016

Exploring the Effectiveness of Task Based Language Teaching In the Improvement of Descriptive Writing at Graduate Level

Authors: Muhammad Rashid
Pages: 209-216
This is an experimental study based on exploring the effectiveness of task based language teaching (TBLT) in improving graduate students’ descriptive writing as well as their perception of task based language teaching. The accessible population taken in this study is 410 students enrolled in Graduation at Khawja Fareed Govt. Post Graduate College Rahim Yar Khan. 60 male students have been administered a TOEFL structure test to bring homogeneity. They have been divided into two equal groups randomly. Thus two groups were formed one the treatment group and the other control one. Experimental and control class data were collected through written tests and questionnaires. Written pre and post tests were administered to both classes. Questionnaires were given to the students in experimental group after each of 12 treatment tasks. Data from written pre and post-test and questionnaires were analysed quantitatively. Percentage analysis was run to observe improvement between the groups. Test results revealed highly significant difference in favour of the treatment group. The study also demonstrated treatment groups’ general perception of task based language teaching positively. Findings of this study are inspiring for the teachers to adopt task based language teaching to improve students’ descriptive writing.