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Volume 2 Number 2 February 2016

A Discussion on Scientific Validation on Antibiotic Resistance Reversal of Euphorbia hirta L. With A Short Note on Its Bio-Autographic Studies

Authors: Gayathri  A. ; Vijaya Ramesh K.
Pages: 6-11
A common weed, Euphorbia hirta L. has been studied for its antibacterial activity with special reference to reversal of antibiotic resistance.  Preliminary studies with aqueous and ethanolic extract of the inflorescence corroborated the antibacterial efficacy of the plant as already reported but reversal of antibiotic resistance is a new report by our group.  Pseudomonas and E. coli were chosen for the study and of the two,Pseudomonas reveals much clear picture of reversal of resistance against both the chosen antibiotics tetracycline and chloramphenicol.  We have presented a photographic evidence of bioautographic study on the ethanolic extract of E. hirta L. on the above two bacterial genera which is reported here for the first time.  E. Hirta L. is a promising medicinal plant that can be further studied as a drug resistance modifier and can be used in conjunct with antibiotics for effective control of multidrug resistant bacterial infections.