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Volume 4 Number 2 February 2018

Evaluation of Functional Coding of Non-Synonymous (Nssnp) and Genetic Relationship of Alpha Casein S1 Gene in Some Selected Ruminants

Authors: Dauda A. ; Duwa H.
Pages: 4-8
Bioinformatics analysis of functional coding of non-synonymous (nsSNP) and genetic relationship of Alpha casein s1 gene in sheep, goat and cattle was performed using A total of twenty (20) alpha casein s1 nucleotide sequences comprising sheep (6), goat (7) and cattle (7) were retrieved from the GenBank (NCBI) (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). The Genbank accession numbers of the sequences were ACJ46473, ACJ46472, AAB34798, AAB34797, XP_012034747 and NP_001009795 (sheep) NP_001272624, ALJ30148, CAA51022, XP_017904622, XP_017904621, XP_017904620 and XP_017904618 (goat) ACG63494, ABW98949, ABW98945, ABW98943, XP_015327132, XP_005208086 and XP_015327137 (cattle). The results of Functional analyses of coding nsSNP of the alpha casein S1 gene of sheep, goat and cattle showed both deleterious/harmful and beneficial/neutral for the three species. The Tajima’s neutrality test showed positive values for all the species. The phylogenetic relationship revealed that similarity and dissimilarity may be due evolution and selection pressure. The study concluded that information revealed will help in genotype-sphenotype selection for milk quality.