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Volume 4 Number 3 March 2018

Influence of Some Microbial Fertilizers on the Germination of Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.)

Authors: Cigdem Kucuk ; Cenap Cevheri
Pages: 9-12
Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is an important cereal used as malt and feed. In the world, 65% of the barley planted in the world is used as animal feed, 33% is used in malt production of beer and whiskey and biodiesel production, and 2% is used as human food in the food industry. In the world, barley in cereal production is the fourth after corn, wheat and rice. Barley in Turkey; It is in second place after wheat production. In Turkey, 90% of the consumption is used as animal feed, and the remaining portion is used as malt in beer industry and food industry. The rate used in food industry is very low and the rate used in beer industry is increasing every year. In this study; the effect of microbial fertilizers on germination in barley plant in in vitro conditions was investigated. Two barley varieties were used in the study. The sterilized seeds were germinated at 25 oC in petri dishes containing sterile filter paper. Microbial fertilizers used commercially were liquid seaweed, agritonic, finish seed and T22 Planter box. Germination rates of microbial fertilizers on barley seeds were examined for two weeks. The effect of fertilizers on the germination of barley plants varied.