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Volume 4 Number 5 May 2018

Detection of Alkaloid for 26 Plants Used in Ethnoveterinary Medicine in Sudan

Authors: Ahmed A. Elshikh ; Mohamed I. Garbi ; Ahmed S. Kabbashi ; Omer A. Ishag ; Awadalla B. Omer ; Mahmoud M. Ali
Pages: 19-28
The present study was detected of alkaloid compounds in 26 plants used in Ethnoveterinary medicine in Sudan. Crude extracts for the plant samples were obtained using Five solvents (ethanol, petroleum ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate and aqueous). Phytochemical screening method on the ethanolic and aqueous extracts. Revealed that alkaloids were abundant in most candidate plant except only five, namely; Maerva crassifolia (stem park),  Pennisetum orientale (seeds), Balanites aegyptiaca (fruit), Cucurbita moschata (seeds) and Conocarpus erectus (leaves). Thin layer chromatography (TLC) used to detection of alkaloids in those plants extracts have shown good results.