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Volume 10 Number 3 July 2024

Detection and Analysis of Quality Traits of Different Black Rice Varieties in the Southern Henan Rice Region

Authors: Wan-Ru Zhang ; Qiang Zhao ; Hao-Jia He, et. al.
Pages: 30-40
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/jbr.103.30.40
Using 14 black rice varieties imported from Southern Henan as experimental materials, the appearance quality, grinding quality, nutritional quality, cooking and eating quality of grain in Southern Henan were tested and analyzed by means of rice huller, rice mopping machine and near-infrared grain analyzer, combined with biochemical and physical analysis techniques. The results showed that there were abundant variation types in grain length, grain width, length-to-width ratio, brown rice rate, milled rice rate, head rice rate, soluble protein content, starch content, gelatinization temperature, gel consistency and viscosity of black rice. Particularly, grain type, starch content, gelatinization temperature, viscosity and other important quality traits in black rice materials have a large variation range. Therefore, our results provide important clues for developing new high-quality varieties of black rice.