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Volume 3 Number 9 September 2017

Evaluation of Haematological Parameters in Blount,s Disease in Enugu, Nigeria

Authors: Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi ; Obeagu Getrude Uzoma ; Amilo G. I. ; Ekelozie Ifeoma Stella
Pages: 72-74
Blount’s disease known as bow leg affects the tibia bone and leads to retarded growth most times. There is paucity of information on haematological parameters of the patients. The study was done to evaluate the haematological parameters of Blount’s disease patients in a tertiary hospital in Enugu, Nigeria. Fifty (50) subjects with mean age of 17.5±2.4 years were recruited for the study, 20 subjects were Blount’s disease patients and 30 subjects were apparently healthy persons age matched as the control. A 2ml of venous blood samples were drawn into EDTA anticoagulated containers for full blood count test. The results were presented as mean ± standard deviation. The results were analysed with student t-test and level of significance set at P<0.05. The results showed significant decrease (P<0.05) in all the parameters and significant decrease (P<0.05) in lymphocytes of Blount’s disease subjects compared to the control. It shows that the bone deformity affects bone marrow development and leads to depressant effects on the haematological parameters studied. They will be more predisposed to infections because of decreased white cells and anaemia. Mothers and children are advised to eat natural foods containing enough vitamins and minerals for proper bone development and exercise from early stage of their life.