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Volume 7 Number 4 October 2021

The Nutritional Value and Application of Black Rice-A Review

Authors: Bo Peng ; An-Qi Lou ; Xiao-Dong Luo ; Rui Wang ; Shuang Tu ; Zi-Yi Xue ; Jing Qiu ; Xia-Yu Tian ; Fang Yang ; Yan-Ming Zhang ; Ya-Qin Huang ; Yan-Yang Sun ; Ping-Li Chen ; Wei Zhou ; Quan-Xiu Wang
Pages: 63-72
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/jbr.74.63.72
Black rice is the main member of the special rice family, and it is also a rare grain and oil crop resource in China. Black rice has special medicinal components and high nutritional value. In recent years, the research on the nutritional value and application of black rice has become an important direction, and a series of important progress has been made. In this paper, the nutrition and its influencing factors of black rice, the main ways to improve eating quality, the health care and medical functions of black rice were reviewed. Meanwhile, the application prospect of black rice has also been prospected. Therefore, this review will provide an important theoretical basis for genetic improvement and breeding of new varieties of black rice.