Volume 9 Number 2 October 2023

Physicochemical Quality of Public Swimming Pools in Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Authors: Ebidi Appah ; Embelemi E. Charles ; Tariwari C. N Angaye
Pages: 50-59
The quality of water in public swimming pools is essential to the wellbeing of tourist and visitors who patronize them. When standard of treatment is compromised it become a threat to the swimmers. This study assessed the levels of heavy metals in 6 randomly selected public swimming pools in Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State. The sampling and analysis was carried out following standard protocols. Results on were reported for; Temperature (26.16 – 29.82 oC), pH (6.33 – 6.87), residual chlorine (0.44 – 4.14 mg/l), Total dissolved solid (36.18 – 81.44 mg/l), Turbidity (3.49 – 7.17 NTU), and Conductivity (70.22 – 177.94 mg/l). All values recorded were with the WHO permissible limit for recreational water. This study concludes that there is need to formulate the standardization and compliance monitoring as well as operational standards of public swimming pools in order to mitigate potential adverse effects and may arise from standard compromise.